Foreign Policy

The United States holds an interesting position in today’s interconnected world as a superpower tasked with maintaining peace throughout the globe. However, we are often judged for overspending on military and under spending on things such as education and infrastructure. Many don’t think that the United States could completely remove its presence abroad without there being significant ramifications felt around the world. Is there a way to cut back at least on our military spending in order to improve every citizen’s quality of life? The problems of the United States are no secret to the outside world, so I find it strange to see how we still view our country’s way of governing to be the best. Maybe the United States was the most ideal country when it entered the global scene and asserted its presence during the world wars, but since then, many countries outrank it in GDP, education, and overall happiness. Why are we so afraid to admit that we aren’t perfect and learn from other countries that are succeeding?


Up until my history class’s unit on foreign policy, I have always thought that the United States was too involved in the affairs of other countries. Our class has opened my eyes to the important role we play; however, I believe that more non-military aid could be used instead of military force or presence, and that peaceful resolutions to conflicts or situations should not be discarded as early as they often are. After all, nonviolent methods of action can be more effective than violent ones. It boggles my mind that we spend 9 times as much on our military as the next country, but maybe this is what it takes in order to maintain the strongest presence throughout  the world.
How can we improve the lives of American citizens who have struggled with education, violence, and/ or poverty if so much money is going abroad? President 45’s battle cry while campaigning was to “Make America Great Again,” emphasizing less involvement in the affairs of other countries, and more on building up our own country. I have no problem with focussing on domestic issues, but President 45 began his presidency by proposing increased military spending, an action that seems focussed on international issues. The power we hold is unique, and in such a chaotic world, someone must keep the peace. A superhero might not ask for their powers, but they must use them in order to protect others. They cannot sit back and not take action.


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